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AMML - Atlantic Mooring - Marine Contracting division completes Waterfront Stairs

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

#AMML was contracted to renovate an existing set of concrete steps that where in very bad shape. The owner wanted to repair the existing steps on his #BermudaWaterfront.

He contacted AMML Marine Contracting / Construction through our CONTACT page.

When our team first arrived onsite the steps where in very bad condition, the waves had really eroded them and they were unusable.

One of the first steps in any #BermudaMarineContracting or #BermudaMarineConstruction job is making sure that the entire site that is to be worked on is chipped clean and free from all dirt and sediment. Atlantic Mooring began by fully cleaning the site to be worked on. Jack hammering all loose and exposed concrete and removing all sediment around the existing structure. This process ensures that all new steel would be securely tied into "bed rock" and that all new concrete would adhere to the existing structure.

The main steel supports were drilled and then epoxied into bedrock. #AMML then created a cage of steel encompassing the entire existing slab.

Once the steel was finished AMML erected the #Formwork. This formwork will become the negative mold that will give the concrete its shape.

Once all form works were in place the #AMMLMarineConstruction team painted a bonding agent to help the new concrete to adhere to the existing concrete and began mixing concrete and filling the formwork mold.

After allowing time for the concrete to cure #AMML then removed the formwork and after a few touch-ups delivered a #perfect set of stairs.

If you are considering renovating, repairing or maintaining your #BermudaHome or #BermudaBusiness's Waterfront, #AMML would #LOVE to come and visit you and learn and understand your needs and ideas so that we can execute for you and make your #dream a reality.

You would be amazed at how creative and imaginative the #AMMLMarineContracting team is and we look forward to working with you. Our email is or feel free to give us a call @ 1 441 238-0050 or you can go to our CONTACT page.

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