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Everything Mooring Maintenance

All about Moorings in Bermuda

Moorings in Bermuda

You already KNOW about our incredible Mooring Maintenance Plan "MMP" so we wanted to dedicate this section to Everything about Moorings in Bermuda, as if you just arrived in Bermuda and didn't know anything.  

If you have a question about Bermuda Moorings and don't see it covered here then please contact us and we will get it added. 


Bermuda is a small Group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, Latitude 32N Longitude 64W. The location of Bermuda means that we get extreme weather through out the year with very strong winds gusting.  We are also in the Hurricane belt and are hit by a lot of hurricanes. Bermuda has a very small land mass. This lack of available land means that Most of Bermuda's boats are kept in small protected bays around the island on moorings.  

What is a Mooring 

A mooring is in its most simple form "a parking place for a boat" This consists of a heavy weight, a length of heavy "ships chain" or "ground chain" that acts as a shock absorber and assists in providing a smooth "ride" in waves. A swivel which allows the boat to go around in a circle due to changing wind direction and current without the chain twisting down on its-self.  A lighter "upchain" that connects to the swivel at the bottom and then up to a pair of "bridles". The "bridles" are typically made of rope and custom made to fit each particular boat.  Along the "upchain" is a buoy that holds the "upchain" bridles etc. off the bottom.  The final part of the mooring is the "pick up buoy"  this is a small buoy that is attached to the bridles by a short piece of rope.  This "pick up buoy" is used to pick up the mooring when you want to connect your boat.  

Mooring Rules

If you are about to become a first time boat owner then you must consider where you will leave your boat when you are not using it.  The most affordable option is a mooring.  It is possible to put down a brand new mooring. Or rent or buy an existing mooring.  AMML can help guide you through the process of putting down a new mooring or assessing the current market value of an existing mooring for purchase or for rent.  AMML also has an extensive data base of moorings for rent and can help to put mooring owners and renters together. 

Mooring Maintenance

AMML offers an incredible Mooring Maintenance Plan, but we also can maintain your mooring as a one off.  In this situation AMML will carry out all necessary work and then send you an invoice with time spent and parts used. Once all work is completed and the bill is paid then we can issue you with an insurance certificate.   

AMML Design

AMML has accumulated extensive data on mooring design, and how a boat behaves on its mooring in high winds and waves.  Over the past 12 years, AMML moorings have been through countless winter storms with winds exceeding 100mph and 32 named hurricanes and tropical storms.  Our design originated with British and US Navy designs, as well as knowledge passed down from Bermudian mentors who had worked in the mooring maintenance industry over the past 50 years.  

After every storm the AMML team would go out and study the effects of the hurricanes and use this data to improve our mooring design.  Over the past 12 years AMML has had less than 1% of boats on our moorings break off. 

Our design is so good that if AMML maintains your mooring then you are eligible for a 10% discount on your boat insurance.  

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  • Excellent work platform

  • Barge Services

AMML OnLine 

AMML carries a wide variety of marine related products. From GOST Security Systems to 316 Stainless Hardware, + all mooring components & custom made bridles. All AMML MMP Clients receive HUGE discounts at our Online store

AMML's MMP Awards Program

Just by joining AMML's MMP program you will automatically benefit from all of the many offerings that we are rolling out to our wonderful clientel. Some of our most spectacular offerings include:

  • 10% off boat insurance

  • 25% off AMML Online Store

  • 10% off Honda Outboards + FREE Installation 

Once enrolled in the MMP you will receive up to 10% off a NEW HONDA Outboard!

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