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EZ-AIR is AMML's tank sharing program, for a low monthly fee you can pick up full tanks for your scuba diving use and drop off when empty.   

Visual & Hydrostatic Testing


SCUBA Maintenance

How it Works

Every Scuba tank MUST be visually inspected every two years and hydrostatically tested every 5 years.  Scroll down and use the booking tool below to schedule in your visual and or hydrostatic test.  In order to book in you must pay $35.00 for the visual test that is the minimum charge.  If your tank passes the visual inspection then we can Hydrostatically test your tank or tumble it to remove internal corrosion. We also can perform maintenance on your tank valve or replace the valve with either a brand new one or a professionally refurbished valve.  Once all work is complete you will receive an invoice by email detailing all work that was done on your tank.  Once you have paid the balance you can come and pick up your tank from our head quarters at 231 Middle Rd Southampton.  



The Process

AMML conducts SCUBA tank and other cylinder maintenance four times per year.  Calibrating our machine is resource intensive and that is why we always do scheduled batches of tanks. 

Scroll down and pick one of the batch dates. In order for your tank to be tested in that dates batch you MUST drop off your tank with in 7 days before the testing date.  Any tank that arrives later than the testing date will not be tested in that batch. 

Every SCUBA tank that comes in MUST have a mandatory Visual inspection to determine if there are any internal cracks or pits from corrosion.  The cost of this Visual inspection is $35.00 this is therefore the minimum charge that AMML assesses.  In order to sign up for a date please scroll down and pick the batch date.  You will have to fill in the form and pay $35 in order to be booked in.   


You MUST put a piece of tape on your tank and write your name and phone number on it when dropping it off

Visual & Hydrostatic testing dates
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