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HONDA Marine Bermuda

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Honda Marine Bermuda

AMML is the authorized Distributer for Honda Marine Outboards.  Honda is world renown for their innovative, "Proven" reliable engines. Honda has innovated exclusive 4 stroke technology that offers the quietest, most powerful, fuel efficient and reliable outboard engines.  We invite you to explore our webpage for more information about this legendary marine engine.

If you would like to come and see, hear & experience a Honda outboard in action please contact us and make an appointment.  

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Honda's reputation for reliable engines is PROVEN! Honda Outboards are built on the same engine blocks used in the Accord, Odyssey, and Fit. 

Honda has been the winner of the National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI award for Customer Satisfaction for fifteen years in a row 


Exclusive Technology

Honda is the worlds largest engine manufacturer.  Honda builds engines for all facets of every industry on the planet, specializing in the auto industry.  Honda engines are used in F1 race cars.  Honda Outboards benefit from over 50 years of engine building experience and the competitiveness of the F1 race track. 

Below are listed just some of the exclusive cutting edge tech that Honda has created. 

Boosted Low Speed Torque

Honda BLAST drastically improves acceleration at low speed. Simply move your throttle quickly and BLAST advances the ignition timing to its absolute maximum. Simultaneously the air/fuel ratio richness increases which prevents knock & Torque is greatly enhanced, resulting in strong acceleration "Hole Shot" is greatly improved.  

Lean burn Control
Fuel Economy 

Increases fuel efficiency at cruising speeds by leaning out the air fuel mixture. Honda engines run on 20% less fuel. 

Smooth acceleration & power

Honda's Exclusive Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) provides power when and where you need it.  VTEC provides a broader, flatter torque curve and smooth power delivery throughout the engine's operating range. Resulting in a superior combination of power, torque and fuel efficiency.  

Large Displacement  

 24-valve SOHC 60 degree design offers top performance and durability while reducing weight and bulkiness 

Sealed Starter

Honda starter motor is inverted and sealed completely protecting the starter drive from salt and moisture.  Honda PROVEN reliability 

Corrosion Protection  

Double sealed, multi-layered Honda exclusive anti corrosion process creates an extreme barrier to keep your Honda Engine corrosion FREE!

Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Ignition

Honda engines calibrate the exact air/fuel ratio to each piston under all weather conditions/temperatures and operating speeds. Resulting in: Quick Starts, Instant Throttle Response, Powerful Performance, Low Fuel Consumption.

"On Demand"

Honda Exclusive technology that gives you more charging when you need it. With the highest output of amps in the outboard market.

NMEA 2000

Futuristic internal design enables users to share and display data over a single channel 

High Power Outboards

115Hp - to the Flagship 250HP 

Packed with features and legendary Honda performance 


Incredibly light weight, compact and powerful. Packed with features Honda offers 2.3HP - 20HP models 


From 25Hp - 100HP these Mid-Range Outboards really pack a punch.  Honda Outboards are constant winners in Best in Class

Honda Outboards

  2.3HP - 250HP

From our incredibly powerful, light weight, compact Portable Outboards - to our Cutting Edge Powerhouses. Honda's PROVEN reliability and Competitive Performance has all the bases covered for your propulsion needs.

Learn More about Honda 

We invite you to browse more information about Honda Outboard engines at the official Honda Marine Website 

If you are interested to come and experience our "PROVEN" Honda Marine outboards for your self please make an appointment.  We are super excited to show off these amazing engines

AMML-Online Store is packed with an impressive range of marine products: outboard oil, mooring chain, flooring, wood, aluminum, stainless steel hardware, steering systems, marine wire, and lots lots more.

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