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AMML Commercial Diving

What is Commercial Diving

Commercial diving encompasses any kind of work done in an underwater or near water environment.

AMML Commercial Divers undertake multiple and various underwater tasks including; Mooring Maintenance, Salvage, Pile Driving, Underwater drilling, augur, arc burning, cutting, welding, building form works, tying steel, laying and burying underwater cable, jetting, pumping, marina inspections, hull inspection & cleaning, electro grounding, in tank inspection & cleaning, pipe line inspection/maintenance & repair, hazmat diving, shoreline anti erosion, dock and shoreline building & maintenance. 

50' Steel Barge

A mid sized barge that can handle massive loads yet still creep into spaces and bays that larger barges can not.  The AMML Barge is the perfect Bermuda size.

Articulating Arm 

This Articulating Arm was purchased from the Weather Bird Explorer Ship.  It has incredible capabilities and can do just about anything.  15 tonne lifting capacity as well as driving piles and under water drilling

Underwater Tools

AMML can work underwater via our Articulating Arm or get the job done with our wide array of underwater hand tools.  Including drilling, grinding, extreme cleaning, arc cutting burning, lifting, jetting, pumping, burying.

Highly Trained Team 

AMML's dive team is exceptional.  We have an extremely motivated and performance and safety first orientated team that function as a unit. 

Sonar Mapping Topography

AMML Side scan technology enables the dive team to locate just about anything, if you are looking for something underwater this technology can save you a fortune.

Underwater cable laying and burying 

AMML has laid and buried thousands of meters of underwater fiber optic cable.  With the cable being buried at 6' deep below sand and soft areas and shielding laid on areas where burying was not possible.

We Go Above and Beyond
AMML OnLine 

AMML carries a wide variety of marine related products. From GOST Security Systems to 316 Stainless Hardware, + all mooring components & custom made bridles. All AMML MMP Clients receive HUGE discounts at our Online store

AMML's MMP Awards Program

Just by joining AMML's MMP program you will automatically benefit from all of the many offerings that we are rolling out to our wonderful clientel. Some of our most spectacular offerings include:

  • 10% off boat insurance

  • 25% off AMML Online Store

  • 10% off Honda Outboards + FREE Installation 

Once enrolled in the MMP you will receive up to 10% off a NEW HONDA Outboard!

Honda Marine
What are you Waiting for ? 
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