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Honda Certified Mechanic

AMML-Honda Marine  Certified Mechanics 

Our mechanics are certified by Honda

AMML are the Bermuda Distributers for Honda Marine Outboards. This enables us to take advantage of a global network of training.  This extremely high-end mechanic training is only available through the Honda Marine network. 

New Install

When you purchase a brand new beautiful, super quiet, proven reliable Honda outboard.  One of our Honda Certified Mechanics can perform the installation. 

Engine Maintenance

Your engine should have a regular maintenance schedule.  Our mechanics can keep your engine in perfect running condition. 


If your engine is not working, one of our team will come out to your boat and trouble shoot and repair your engine. 


Maybe your engine is running, BUT is it running optimally? Taking into account longevity, fuel efficiency, performance.  AMML can tune your boat's engine and systems to have your boat living its best life!


We specialize in systems that make your boat more amazing and easier to operate. If your boat needs electrical work, air conditioning, plumbing, security or even a new sound system, AMML can help you to design and implement your next system. 

AMML Members

When you join the MMP you are eligible to receive significant discounts on your Honda mechanic, plus parts, oil, filters etc.   

Join the MMP  
HUGE Discounts

Get in Touch

We are excited to represent Honda Marine in Bermuda, and extremely grateful for the high level of training that our mechanics have undertaken. We look forward to helping you with any engine or system related issues.   

Custom Metal Fabrication 

AMML can custom fabricate, weld, bend, steel, stainless steel, aluminum. Go to our Custom Metal Fabrication page for more info on our capabilities.


Honda Marine Outboard engines are a world leader in reliability, cutting edge technology and incredible performance.

AMML are the Authorized Distributer for Honda Marine in Bermuda

AMML Online Store

All kinds of amazing products for your boat: flares, rope, GOST, Flexiteek, oil, propellers, Lumitec, Sea Star, stainless fittings, wire, electrical fittings

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