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Atlantic Mooring Maintenance Ltd. - AMML

Mooring Maintenance Plan


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Worry free Mooring Maintenance 
All for a low monthly fee

Insurance Certificate is always in date - 10% insurance discount

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If your boat is under 29 foot long then your monthly fee is above.  This includes all Parts & Labor. There are no additional costs.

0'-29' -$46.99

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If your boat is between 30' and 39' your low monthly fee is above. This includes all Parts & Labor. There are no additional costs.

30'-39' - $56.99

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If your boat is between 40' and 49' your low monthly fee is above. This includes all Parts & Labor. There are no additional costs.

40'-49' - $69.99

Join the MMP

Mooring Maintenance Plan - MMP

-Inspection & Maintenance twice per Year  - Including Parts & Labor-


How does it work?


Once you sign up AMML will conduct an initial assessment of your mooring.  We will advise you on any major design changes that we suggest to get your mooring to meet or exceed insurance requirements. + we can also ensure that your boat has the correct cleats with backing plates. 


Going forward AMML will conduct a detailed non-destructive inspection of your mooring 2 times per year, we will replace parts when your mooring requires maintenance. An insurance certificate is always in date.   


There are no additional costs or fees, once your mooring meets & exceeds insurable standards, AMML continues to maintain your mooring all Parts & Labor included in a low monthly fee. 

Mooring Maintenance Includes - Parts and Labor - Insurance Certificate is always Valid - Inspection twice per Year!

Earlston Jones- Elys Harbor

Atlantic Mooring is Amazing, I joined the MMP in 2015.  Since then my boat Caretta (55' Steel Hull). She has has been through 5 Hurricanes.

I never worry about my mooring.

John Masters - Boss's Cove

With their MMP, maintenance plan AMML just auto debits my account every month - its less than a fish sandwich.  

Robert Foggo - Mills Creek

I just said "AAAAA YOU BIES DO MOORINGSESESES?" and they said "YES WE DO" and that was all she wrote! 

AMML OnLine 

AMML carries a wide variety of marine related products. From GOST Security Systems to 316 Stainless Hardware, + all mooring components & custom made bridles. All AMML MMP Clients receive HUGE discounts at our Online store

AMML's MMP Awards Program

Just by joining AMML's MMP program you will automatically benefit from all of the many offerings that we are rolling out to our wonderful clientel. Some of our most spectacular offerings include:

  • 10% off boat insurance

  • 25% off AMML Online Store

  • 10% off Honda Outboards + FREE Installation 

Once enrolled in the MMP you will receive up to 10% off a NEW HONDA Outboard!

Honda Marine
What are you Waiting for ? 
Join MMP


Best Mooring System - Bermuda Design

10% off Boat Insurance 

HUGE Discounts on all AMML products

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