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AMML Online Store

Welcome to the AMML Online Store. Here you will find a multitude of products that AMML believes you will find incredibly useful for your marine projects, waterfronts and boats.  You will also find Honda outboard engines, GOST Security, Flexiteek, Sea Star, Lumitec and many more brands. 

At the moment AMML is not processing payments on the website.  Please make your order and then call in with a credit card. You can pick up goods at our fulfillment center at 231 Middle Rd. Southampton (AMML facility) or we can deliver your items. 


Fiberglass - Tools & Stock

All you will ever need to do a Fiberglass job - Resins - Polyester & Epoxy - Thick Epoxy (table tops), Glass, Biaxial, Woven Roving, mold release wax, Kevlar cloth, hard rollers, acetone, razor knifes, VERY HIGH QUALITY sizzors, straight edges, vacuum technology, grinders, grinding pads, MEGA dremels, files, stones and other shaping tools, respirators, dustless technology.


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