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Honda Marine Outboard Engines 

SOLID Reliability, Honda Technology, Four Stroke Advantage, Environmental Commitment are all corner stones of the Honda Marine Brand.  This iconic outboard engine is now available in Bermuda.  

Atlantic Mooring Maintenance Ltd. (AMML) is a full service marine based company. While our roots are based in Commercial Diving and Mooring Maintenance, we have expanded due to popular demand to encompass; Marine Contracting, Boat Maintenance, Engine Mechanics, SCUBA Cylinder Testing, Floating Dock and Marina Fabrication, Custom Metal Fabrication and an Online store where you can purchase products and have them delivered or come and pick up at our fulfillment center.  

We invite you to explore our website, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

Experts in our Field 

Welcome to AMML

What is the MMP? 

MMP stands for Mooring Maintenance Plan,  our maintenance plan helps you, our valued client ensure that your mooring meets & exceeds marine insurance requirements.  This means that your mooring is always certified for insurance.  You pay a small monthly fee that is securely auto debited from your account each month.  This fee covers all parts and the labor with no additional or added costs. When the wind starts to howl you can rest easy knowing that your boat is secure on an AMML MMP mooring.    

 Primary Assessment 

AMML first gets your mooring fully maintained to our very high standard. 

This means that your weight, ground chain and all other components meet our strict standards.  

Mooring Fully Maintained

We conduct a detailed inspection of your mooring twice a year and then maintain the mooring to ensure that it is always in insurable conditions.

All maintenance including PARTS & Labor is included in the low monthly fee.

Discounted Insurance

Your mooring will always be up to our strict standards which exceed marine insurance requirements, therefore you will always have an insurable mooring.

MMP Clients will receive up to 10% off their boat insurance with BF&M

AMML Discounts 

MMP Members will be eligible for discounts at the AMML Marine Store, on Honda Outboards, GOST Security Systems, Flexiteek.

Marine Contracting

Resurfacing, fixing underscoring Driving PILES, or building a dock from scratch AMML can walk you through the planning process and advise on the best solution for your water front.

Mooring Maintenance

Mooring Maintenance by Bermuda's Experts. Our Mooring Maintenance Plan MMP Is a FULLY automated plan that ensures that your boats mooring is always in a safe an insurable condition, all for a low monthly fee.

Commercial Diving

AMML divers are highly trained and ready to deploy. AMML is certified for Hazmat operations and confined space diving such as water tanks. We have extensive experience in underwater pipe line maintenance. Also at running and burying underwater fiber optic cable.  AMML are salvage experts and can salvage your boat with minimum damage.

Custom Metal Fabrication

AMML has heavily invested in Metal working machines and processes and can fabricate, Mig and Tig weld, stainless, steel, aluminum, bronze.  We specialize in the marine industry. If you have a metal fabrication job that you would like to be quoted on please contact us.

Honda Certified Mechanic

Our Mechanics are certified by Honda Marine, AMML is ready to install a brand new Honda Outboard on your boat as well as service your engine or trouble shoot and repair your outboard.

Yacht Rehab

We can take an old WRECK and totally REHAB her into the vessel of your dreams


Honda Marine, GOST, Flexiteek,

FiberGlass, Spraying, Gel Coat, Custom Stainless/ Aluminum Fabrication, Engines, Systems, Electrical, Wiring, Navigation, Safety

Cylinder Maintenance

AMML is certified for both Visual and Hydrostatic testing of Scuba Tanks and other approved Cylinders. 

Please check the date of your last inspection 

Marina/Floating Docks

AMML has designed and is currently building Bermuda Custom Floating Docks and also complete Marina's. 

AMML has maintained and fabricated  Floating Docks & Marina's for the past 12 years. 

AMML Online Store

Honda Marine Outboard Engines, Mooring Chain, Buoys, Bridles, Rope, Swivels

Stainless Steel hardware, FiberGlass, Epoxy, & Much More!

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